Saturday, August 23, 2014

Washi Tape

I created some washi tape clipart today and to celebrate it is a flash freebie until Sunday morning.

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Surfing to Success

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Element Separator: A Clip Art Artist's Best Friend

I create most of my clip art with Photoshop Elements. When I'm creating clip art I usually work on all of the images at the same time. Sometimes I have a couple of collections going all at once. I love the creation process. I can easily lose myself for hours. What I always hated was separating all of the final images, especially if it was a letter/number collection. I like my images to be clipped at the edge so there is no extra space around it. Makes it so much easier to work with.

Well one day while surfing the web I came across what has to be my best purchase EVER! It's called the "Element Separator" by creation Cassell.  Best $6.00 I ever spent. It's an action that separates all of the images for you.
All you have to do is drag the .jsx file on top of the images you want to separate and in a short period of time they are all separated and in a folder on your computer. On a recent letter/number product it took less than 2 minutes to separate over 150 images. What a time saver!

From this
to this!
You do have to change the names after or you can use the ones the file creates. My customers like having the specific names of each image so I usually change mine.

If you have never used an action like this all of the directions are included. They also have a version for Paintshop Pro.

I know there are probably other Photoshop actions like this out there but I'm using "Element Separator"  and I love it. 

Check out my "Crayon Letters and Numbers" by clicking on the image above.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cooking Doodles 2 w/FREEBIE

Just finished a new clip art set at the request of a buyer.  Took me a few weeks to do because I only had patience to do one or two images at a time...because its summer, I'm running the kids all over creation, and its HAAARRRDDDD to sit still and do nothing when the weather is nice!  But I love drawing, so it was good to be motivated again! 

These 23 images are included in this set: (line art, BW, and full-color PNG of all images)

glass measuring cup, measuring cup set, measuring spoon set, bread knife, paring knife, blender, immersion/handheld blender, stand mixer, shredder/grater, loaf pan, fluted/bundt cake pan, rubber scraper, pie plate, hand help can opener, melon baller, veggie peeler, slotted spoon, sifter, kitchen shears, food scale, kitchen thermometer, 9x13 baking pan, custard cup

Anyway, check it out:
HERE at my TPT store
HERE at my TN shop

And to my followers and anyone who happens across my blog, here's a freebie!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Saturday, January 4, 2014

January and February Peeker Doodles

This set kind of got forgotten about.  I was backing up clip are over Christmas break and came across these "peeker" inspired images that I drew last year for some thematic writing projects.  They work great for craftivity projects for writing.  Simply design what you want, photocopy on construction paper and use as a topper for a writing project.  Or use them to spruce up some of your writing neat sheets.

Writing ideas to go along with this images:
"What Would You Give Your Sweetie for Valentine's Day?"
"What Do Snowman Do at Night?"
"What's Your New Years' Resolution?"
"My Dream..."
"What Does the Tooth Fairy Do With All Those Teeth?"

You can find this set HERE at my TPT store, or HERE at my Teacher's Notebook clip art gallery.